Behavior and Discipline Policy

Teachers agree to create an atmosphere of respect and discipline, and students who do not comply with this atmosphere will be challenged to change their behavior or leave the classes. Several areas merit disciplinary action:

Classes are held in good faith that those involved will respect and preserve the campus and its furnishings. Any misuse of property will require parents of guilty students to pay for repairs and/or needed replacements. Students may then be asked to leave classes at Metro Academic Studies, depending on the seriousness or frequency of the infraction.

Students should conduct themselves modestly and appropriately. The primary purpose of the classes is to instruct students in various subjects, and any behavior that distracts any student from learning, whether during or between classes, may be questioned by the teachers and staff. Students will either amend their behavior or be asked to leave classes. This behavior includes how adults or students are respected, what clothing students choose to wear, public displays of affection, choice of activities between classes, and other matters that may distract from the learning and moral environment.

Supervised lunch and study hall are provided for students who have classes during the day and are held in Room 620. The site coordinator will be available to students and responsible for them during lunch and study hall. Students should bring water only to drink.

Laptop computers may be used by students during class under the supervision of the instructor. Students who wish to use a computer in study hall must seek approval from the study hall supervisor. Computers may NOT be used during lunch, breaks, or before/after class hours while on campus on MAS class days. Teachers and study hall monitors must have access to computers at all times in order to monitor appropriateness of material. Sharing information on computers with other students may only be done in the presence of an instructor who has knowledge of what is being done on the computer. If instructors see anything they deem inappropriate, the student will be advised and the student’s computer may be confiscated until a parent picks it up from a designated adult.

Cell phones are allowed to be carried but cell phone use is discouraged during the class day (8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.). Students may not text or use cell phones during study hall or breaks UNLESS approved by the study hall supervisor or instructor. Cell phones may not be used to share Internet, photos, video, etc. Students may use headsets with ipods during study hall. Instructors may decide what their classroom policies are concerning cell phone usage.

Possession or use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, nicotine, or vaping products is strictly prohibited. Noncompliance with this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal.  No weapons (including pocket knives) are allowed on campus.

Parents must pick up their children within 10 minutes of the end of the student’s last class. In case of an emergency, please arrange for another parent to pick up your student. Students must have written parental permission to leave the premises with other students or an adult other than the parent. Students may be dropped off at the 4th floor breezeway entrance to enter the building. Middle School students should be picked up on the 6th floor by a parent or approved guardian. High School students may be picked up on the 6th floor or sign out at the 6th floor table before exiting to the 4th floor entrance and parking deck. No child may be left unsupervised by either a parent or supervisor at any time on any part of The Apostles’ campus.


Check in: 

  • 6th-12th grade students sign in at 4th floor table  
  • Parents and guests who enter building sign in at the 4th floor table  

Check out:

  • 8th-12th grade students sign out at 4th floor table  
  • 6th & 7th grade students are picked up by parent/guardian on 6th floor

During Class Day (9 am-4 pm):

  • All non-driving students are required to be in class/study hall/lunch from the time of arrival to the time of departure.  Students are NOT permitted to leave campus or walk to the adjacent shops (Starbucks, Chick Fil A, etc) without a parent or approved adult. 
  • Students enter on 4th floor, take stairs to classes on 5th & 6th floors, and exit on 4th floor.  Students should not be in other areas of the building without permission.  
  • Registered Teen Drivers may check out at the 4th floor during the day to get lunch, etc. but may NOT take other students with them. All teen drivers must register on a Driver Registration form.

Students who do not comply will receive the following disciplinary action:

  • 1st Time – Parent/Student Conference with Administrator
  • 2nd Time - $50 fine with final warning
  • 3rd Time – $100 fine with Suspension and/or Expelled from the program


All Grades:  Cell phones/electronic devices MAY be used in Classrooms under the direction of instructors and in the 4th Floor Lobby upon entering/exiting premises or waiting for parent pickup.  LUNCH is Technology FREE. 

Cell phones/electronic devices MAY NOT be used in hallways, elevator lobbies, and bathrooms.

Students Who Do Not Comply: 

  •     1st Time: Warning 
  •     2nd Time: No Phone Use for the Day (Phone placed in Container in Room 620)
  •     3rd Time: No Phone Use for the Month (Phone placed in Container at check-in table on 4th floor) 

MAS is not responsible for loss or damage to the devices.

6th-11th grades: Cell phones/electronic devices MAY be used in Study Hall (Rm 620) at Supervisor's table ONLY

12th grade: Cell phones/handheld electronic devices MAY be used in Study Hall (Rm 620) for schoolwork or to listen to music with earbuds.



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